Winter: Love It or Hate It?

Love Hate

Whether you love or hate cold, snowy weather, it happens every year. Here’s what locals from around the region say about the season.

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

“I like it. I don’t like to drive in it but I like everything else. I like to see the snow and when the trees are covered. I always have liked it.”
Shareen Stewart, Central Square

“I kind of feel indifferent about it. It doesn’t bother me. I’ve lived here my whole life so it is what it is.”
Lacy Perry, Fabius

“I like part of it. I like to see the snow after the grayness of November is gone. But I think by the end of February, it starts to get a little old when the snow starts piling up.”
Toni Ritter, DeWitt

“We live in New York, so if you live here you’ll have snow whether you like it or not. I’m a business owner of Darling Elves, a floral shop. When we get a lot of snow, it brings in winter activities which can be good for our business. Christmas and Valentine’s are good for business. Then we look forward to melting.”
Mary Haines, Oswego

“I got hurt. So the pain in the winter is increasing because of the cold. In the winter, we try to come down to Florida, Mississippi and Arkansas one time a month four to seven days. We have a son down here — we’re down South now and it’s 85 degrees — and a son and daughter in New York state. But I would never give up a New York summer. The wintertime used to be our favorite. We were snowmobilers and snow people, but since I was hurt that ‘went south’ literally.”
Patty Pritchard, Sterling

“Winter’s nice as long as it’s not really, really cold. I like the snowfall and everything, but when it’s nail biting cold out, no.”
Chris Mizzle, Cicero

“Snow is not my favorite thing. I’m always cold, so I feel even colder and then I’m out shoveling snow off my vehicle which doesn’t help. I am not looking forward to it.”
Gina Bush, Baldwinsville

“I have mixed feelings. I don’t mind the weather and like the snow. We have fireplaces here at River Edge Mansion Bed and Breakfast, so it’s cozy. We’re not really as busy in the winter, so I have more income in spring, summer and fall. But I like the downtime. We can do renovating, deep cleaning and remodeling, and that’s always fun.”
Anne Hutchins, Pennellville

“I do dislike winter. I like the cold, but I don’t like the ice for slipping. Last year, I broke my tailbone when I slipped on the ice.”
Antonietta Vigliotti, Syracuse

“So far, we’re excited for it and then we’ll probably hate it. Retraining everyone to drive again is toughest part. We can deal with the cold. I like the holidays and sleigh riding.”
Adam Lipitz, Syracuse

“I personally hate winter, especially driving on the roads. If I didn’t have to drive anywhere I probably would be OK with winter.”
Beverly Bohemier, Baldwinsville

“I hate it. I don’t like the snow and cold.”
Rose Bishop, Syracuse